Cupa Volkl • Tenis Club Helios Timisoara

Cupa Volkl • Tenis Club Helios Timisoara
14-16 aprilie 2018 • Concurs FRT Cat. 1
cat. fete 10 ani simplu • Anais Anouk Badina
Badina Anais Anouk – Merghes Stefania
 4-2; 4-2
Anais | Stefi
Badina Anais Anouk – Sagmar Ilinca
 0-4; 0-4
Anais | Ilinca
Clasament final
I. Sagmar Ilinca (CSS Bacau)
II. Nedeloni Carla (CS Sport 4Fun Timisoara)
III. Haiduc Ana Maria (CS Sport 4Fun Timisoara)
IV. Mirica Rebeka (Tenis Club DAV & SIN)

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